A short documentary created by Daniel Maciel AKA pájaro negro and myself. It’s a brief intimate look into the inner workings of the enigmatic Berlin-based Djembe player Kiyoshi Fujikawa.

Below are some short mini documentaries for Instagram that I (and TookTook Agency) made for the brewery Straßenbräu.

Straßenbräu + The Bird BBQ | Gastro Collab & Beer Release

Michael and Seba are both sure of their place in the universe. One of them really likes fire; he became a barbecue pitmaster at The Bird Barbecue. The other loves beer and puns; he is our brewmaster and bequeather of beverage names. Together they created Solenya! The essence of a great barbecue and, uh, cucumber juice. Oh, the name? Doesn't mean anything. Stop digging for hidden layers and be impressed – we smoked some malt!Tomorrow we're having a release BBQ, with all manner of smoked goods on the menu including Straßenbräu's own IPA cheddar jalapeño sausages! Forecast warm and sunny should be schwifty, so swing by from 6pm on at The Bird BBQ!Event info:

Gepostet von Straßenbräu am Donnerstag, 22. August 2019

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(English below) Tragt’s euch in den Kalender ein, Leute, wir bringen in der Berlin Beer Week den Kiez zum Krachen! Das Urgestein der Berliner Brewpubs, Hops & Barley, hat mit dem Straßenbräu ein Bier gebraut – und was für ein Bier das geworden ist! Die beiden Braumeister erzählen euch hier schon mal, wie das alles so war. Guckt euch das mal an, freut euch vor und kommt dann am 24. zu Hops & Barley und ins Straßenbräu, probiert das Kiez Pils und andere Biere in ganz besonderen privaten Verkostungen, spaziert durch die Straßen und feiert mit uns die Berlin Beer Week und den Kiez. Prost!⠀ ⠀ #Straßenbräu 🍺 #MadeinBerlin 🐻⠀⠀⠀⠀ -⠀⠀⠀⠀ -⠀⠀⠀ -⠀⠀⠀ Put a note in your calendar, folks, it’s Kiez collaboration ‘o’clock! For Berlin Beer Week the OG of Berlin brewpubs Hops & Barley have teamed up with Straßenbräu and made a beer – and what a beer we've made. Watch the two brewmasters talk about how it all went down and then come to Hops & Barley and to Straßenbräu on the 24th, try Kiez Pils and other brews in special private tasting sessions, take a stroll through the streets and celebrate Berlin Beer Week and our Kiez. Prost!⠀ ⠀ #Strassenbraeu 🍺 #MadeinBerlin 🐻

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(Werbung/Zusammenarbeit) Ever wonder what makes a perfect Negroni? _ @damiengchrd from one our favourite Berlin Cocktail Bars, @hellomrsusan shares his secrets 🥃 _ Watch the full video on @TookTookberlin Instagram TV channel 📺 @campariofficial 🥃 @hendricksgin 🍸 @cinzano.official 🍷 _ #TookTookMe 🇩🇪 #TookTookBerlin 🐻 • • • • • • • • • • #berlin #berliner #berlinlocal #berlinfoodguide #berlinfoodie #berlinfood #berlincity #berlinstagram #visit_berlin #berlinpage #myberlin #berlincalling #berlin365 #seiberlin #foodspots_berlin #cocktails #cocktail #negroni #campari #mixology #mixologist #bartender #bar #cinzano #vermouth #hendricks #gin #hendricksgin

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A documentary poetry series shot in Johannesburg. Each poet picks a location that they feel best fits their piece. This spontaneous way of capturing a poets performance often finds some interesting play between the environment and the words and ideas being shared.





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