Craw Music Video

I recently spent 5 days in Dublin, Ireland with my good friend Shaun Mulrooney shooting the latest music video for his beautiful track CRAW. His new album Tau & The Drones of Praise is an eclectic burst of inspiration, filled with wild and phosphorescent tracks that combine a multitude of collaborations with various musicians from around the world.

I spent those days with him and his family, staying in their home, watching TV with them, eating with them, sharing with them. His mother and father, who feature in the video, were incredibly open and welcoming.

The video is a fly-on-the-wall look at a man who seeks transformation and in his search channels the spirit of a bird to help him find it. Does he ultimately find what he is looking for? I don’t know, but hopefully it gets people asking themselves questions about their relationships with their families and their homes.

Big loves to Shauno, thanks for the opportunity to work on the project and trusting me with the intimate and personal.

Folk Radio did a little write up about it which was really cool.

Here it is:

New Video: TAU – Craw (Song of the Day)

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